AED Management Services

Automated External Defibrillators save lives by providing a shock early to persons who are in sudden cardiac arrest. For those patients suffering sudden cardiac arrest, delivering a shock within 3 minutes gives them a 50% survival rate. Every additional minute after that, their chance of survival can drop by 10% (American Heart Association). Because of this, the American Heart Association has identified early defibrillation with an AED as an important link in the chain of survival from sudden cardiac arrest.

If a fire station is located across the street from where a cardiac arrest occurs, it will take at least 3 minutes from the time you call 911 until they pull up to the curb to your address. It will then take several more minutes for them to gather their equipment and make into the building and apply their AED. Bottom line, the most effective way to ensure early defibrillation is to have an AED at your site.

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CPR AED and Safety Education supports Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) Programs in three ways:


We provide a free 1-hour initial consultation and report to a facility on the feasibility and recommendations for deployment of an AED. We help you determine what features you need for an AED, where it should be deployed, what your response plan should be, and what training you will require. We provide this report to you with no obligation and free of charge.

We also provide consultation services for non-traditional settings to respond to medical emergencies, such as dental and medical practices, out-patient facilities, schools, and work settings.

Deployment and Design

If you choose, you can contract with us to set up and manage your Public Access Defibrillator Program. We will coordinate the purchase of the AED and equipment, provide the initial training, help with the installation and deployment of the equipment, assist in writing your response plan, and take care of the registration of the AED with the appropriate state agency. The cost is only $150 and includes one free year of management.


If you already have an AED, contract with us to manage your program. We are local, provide face to face service, and will respond with a live person to your location for problems or a deployment, ensuring that your AED is always ready to save a life. We have someone on call 24 hours a day. We provide all quality assurance checks, and manage your paperwork and state registration requirements. The only additional costs you have are the costs of replacement supplies/equipment, training, and any repairs or upgrades that might be needed. You will stay compliant with state regulations and keep your liability low without any headaches or worry with this cost effective contract. Cost is only $125/year

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